Contacting PowerSchool Learning Support: Should I Call or Email?

Q. I'm an Administrator of a PowerSchool Learning domain, and I need to reach PowerSchool Learning Support. Should I call or submit a ticket via email?


A. We’re available by phone and email, but often, the Help Center is the best place to start: if there's an answer in the Knowledgebase, then you can find the answer with a few clicks.


If you can't find your answer in the Help Center, submitting a ticket via email is typically the most efficient way to get help. With an email ticket, you're more likely to get an answer on the first try; whereas for phone calls, we usually have to ask for time to investigate before we can get you an answer.


Sometimes, though, a phone call makes the most sense because it can be easier to explain complex questions over the phone. Or you might have an emergency you want to talk to someone about right away.


Of course, whether you start with a call or an email, we can always switch to the other one if we need to! And if you end up leaving a voicemail, our Helpdesk gets an instant email transcription with the audio file attached, and a ticket is created to help us prioritize. We’re constantly monitoring all communication that comes in--whether it's via phone, email, or voicemail.


Finally, know that we always prioritize emergencies regardless of how they come to us!


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