Q. How do I use the Activity Summaries tab under Domain Analytics?


A. The Activity Summaries tab under Domain Analytics lets you view and export detailed summaries of activity statistics for your domain.

This tab uses grouped filters, so you need to click the Apply button to apply your filter settings to the Activity Summary tables.


2016-10-12 13_57_24-PowerSchool Learning Domain Control Center.png


There are three tables available on the Activity Summaries tab.


  • The Account Activity Summary summarizes key metrics by account.
  • The Class Activity Summary summarizes key metrics by class.
  • The Organization Activity Summary summarizes key metrics by organization.

The Activity Summaries tab is also good for finding the most and least active Accounts, Classes, or Organizations. Each of these tables can be sorted by any column: simply mouse over the column you want to sort by and click the sort arrow.

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