How do I drill down to view more information about a fact or report on my Analytics dashboard?

Q: How can I drill down to find more details about a fact or report on my Analytics dashboard?


A: Almost every item on your Analytics dashboard can be expanded to show the data broken down by date.


If there is a fact or report on your dashboard that you would like to know more about, you can click on that item to see more detail about that data.


Headline Numbers

You'll see some headline numbers at the top of your dashboard.

Headline.pngach of these numbers can be clicked to drill down to a more detailed chart or graph.



You'll see some charts on the different tabs in your Analytics dashboard, like the pie chart pictured below. You can hover over a slice to see more details, or you can click a slice to reveal detailed data by date. For this pie chart of Total Activity Per Role, I can hover to reveal the exact numbers.



Or, to go more granular, I can click the slice to see the data broken out by date. If I'd like to view the data in a different type of chart or graph, I can use the buttons in the top right to select a different view.




Some of the figures in tables on your dashboard can be clicked to show more details as well. For example, in the Resource Activity Summary picture below, I can click on the Hits for a Resource.



This gives me the Hits data for that Resource by date and user role.


2016-10-12 13_53_29-PowerSchool Learning _ My Classes.png