Q. As a Domain Administrator, how do I view my Domain Analytics Dashboard?


A. Domain Administrators can view their Domain Analytics Dashboard through the Analytics tab of the Domain Control area.


Please note: This feature is only available to PowerSchool Learning School & District Edition domains.  If you do not see the Analytics tab as an option, please contact the support team to discuss enabling it.


Viewing your Domain Analytics

As a Domain Administrator, navigate to the Domain Control area, then to the Analytics tab. Depending on the width of your display and how many tabs are showing in Domain Control, you may need to open the More tab.


2016-10-12 13_43_25-PowerSchool Learning Domain Control Center.png


What can I see through the Analytics tab?

The Domain Analytics area is broken up into four tabs, each detailing where, how much, and how often different users have spent time across your domain.


  • Domain Overview: A quick snapshot of logins and class activity for your domain, filterable by Organization and Date. Find out if users are using their accounts, and which classes they are using the most.
  • View by Class: View detailed activity statistics on a single class, or a group of classes, filterable by Roster Role and Resource Name. Find out where users are spending time in any class.
  • View by Account: View detailed activity statistics for an individual account, or a group of accounts, filterable by Organization, Name or ID. Find out exactly how, how much, and where someone is spending time.
  • Activity Summaries: View and export detailed summaries of activities statistics, pulled from across your domain. Analyze (then export, and analyze some more!) Account, Class, and Organization Summaries, filterable by a range of options from Role to Class Name, School Year and more.