How do I grade a Discussion inside of the Discussion activity?



I am a teacher and I want to know how I can grade discussion results within the discussion instead of in the gradebook. 




You can grade a discussion by going to Manage Discussion >  View Results. 


View By Student:

1) Click on Manage Discussion to the right of the discussion you would like to look at.  

2) From the menu dropdown, select View Results.



3) You will be taken to a screen that will show you which of your students have participated in the discussion, how many times they have participated, how many times you have rated them (this will let you know if there is a thread you forgot to rate in the discussion) and what their average rating is. 

4) If you click on a specific student you will then be able to see, like and rate all of their posts, as well as give them an overall grade by clicking the "Grade " button, and choosing to grade standards, attached rubrics, or entering a letter grade.

Note: When viewing this way, you won't be able to see the context of every post, just an aggregation of every post that that particular student has written. 

5) From this screen you can also search for students, or go through each student to see how and what they have posted. In the upper right hand of your page you will see options to Search for Student, Prev (student) or Next Student 

View By Discussion Thread:

As a teacher you can also view and follow discussions the same way students do. From here you will also be able to rate and "like" student posts. Here is what that will look like for you:



For more information on how to use star ratings see the article Discussion Star Ratings