Can I require a Student to submit a new Post before seeing other Posts in a Discussion?

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Can I require a Student to submit a new Post before seeing others' Posts in a Discussion?




Yes! Teachers have the option to require Students to submit a new Post before joining a Discussion in which they haven't yet participated. 

When a Student tries to navigate to a Discussion that has this setting enabled, they will be taken first to the Create a new Discussion Post dialog. A Student will have the option to submit a new Post or even save this Post as a Draft, but will be unable to view or reply to any Posts that have been made by their peers until a Post has been submitted.

Teachers can enable this setting for new Discussions as well as existing ones.

New Discussions

When creating a new Discussion, you will see the option to  directly under the Discussion Types. Simply check this checkbox while creating the Discussion, click Save, and you're done!

Existing Discussions

You can even add this feature to a Discussion that you have already created. This can be helpful when the Discussion has been created as a copy of an existing class that didn't use this option.

Here's what you can do:

  1. Navigate to the Discussions tab
  2. Select Manage Discussion > Edit
  3. Check the  checkbox
  4. Click the Save button and you're on your way!