Can I allow students to communicate across PowerSchool Learning classes?



Can I allow students rostered into ONE of my PowerSchool Learning classes to communicate through PowerSchool Learning with students rostered in another PowerSchool Learning class?  I am a secondary teacher and I'd like for some of my students to be able to dialogue with students in my class who see me at different periods.




That's an excellent question...and the answer is 'not really' and 'yes'.  

There is currently no way to have students use the Inbox or Discussion features to communicate between classes, each class is a domain unto itself. There are two options you could try, and see if they work for you:

  1. You could create a "unified" class for discussions only, and import the rosters from the other classes into that class. This will end up looking like a separate class for cross-class content. 
  2. Your second option (if your school allows you to access third party chat tools) is to create a chatroom using a third party and then use "Embed the Web" to paste the same code in two different classes, students would be able to chat with each other across classes securely.
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