What are Common Cartridge and Moodle Archives?


What are Common Cartridge & Moodle Archives?


Common Cartridge and Moodle Archives are techniques that can be used to take class content from one learning platform to another.

Common Cartridge

Common Cartridge
 is a popular package-interchange format for learning content such as media-rich web content, integrated assessments, and discussion forums.  PowerSchool Learning currently supports Common Cartridge 1.0, 1.1 and 1.2 compliance for imports.  

This means that users that have developed content in other Learning Management Systems like Blackboard, Canvas and Angel will be able to import their content into PowerSchool Learning classes.

PowerSchool Learning can import most Common Cartridge elements, but there are a few types that cannot be brought over since they are not currently supported by Learning.

Here is a list of the elements that won't be successfully imported using Common Cartridge:

Multi-select Multiple Choice Questions Regular Expression Questions
Authenticated Content Surveys
Tutorial Assessments  

PowerSchool Learning plans to add these capabilities in the future and work towards full Common Cartridge compliance. People can export content that they've created in PowerSchool Learning by exporting content in Common Cartridge as well!

Learn more about Common Cartridge, please visit the authority on the standard at IMS Global Learning Consortium website

Moodle Archives

A Moodle Archive is a means to back up your Moodle class.  You can also use it as a means to import your basic Moodle data into PowerSchool Learning on a class-by-class basis, through the Import Content area of the Manage Class menu.  

You can learn more about what PowerSchool Learning does and does not import in our Moodle Archive article.  
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