How do I export my content from Sakai?


How do I export my content from Sakai?


Sakai (an open-source LMS often used by institutions of higher education) supports the LTI format export, which means that you can export out questions/assessments from Sakai and port them to PowerSchool Learning. Unfortunately, it looks like they do not support export of other Sakai content outside of questions.

To export an assessment from Sakai:

  1. In the menubar of the course you want to export from, click on Tests & Quizzes.
  2. On the Assessments page, under "Pending Assessments", find the title of the assessment you want to export. Next to the title click Select Action, and then click Export.
  3. Select QTI v 1.2and then click Export. This will display an XML file.
  4. Save it to your computer. In most browsers you do this by choosing Save Page As from the File menu.
Once your questions are exported you will need to put the xml file into zip file in order to upload it to PowerSchool Learning. You can find instructions for creating a zip file here:
You can see a tutorial on importing your newly exported questions here:


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