How do I export a class from Angel for use in PowerSchool Learning?


How do I export a class from Angel so that it can be imported as a PowerSchool Learning class?


To transfer a class from Angel into PowerSchool Learning you need to first export the class using the Common Cartridge format.  


Note: This example illustrates exporting your class in Angel LMS v7.4.  


To do this:

  • Log into your Angel LMS account
  • Navigate to the course you wish to export 
  • Click on the Manage tab at the top of the page



  • Find the Data Management section
  • Click on Export Console to open the Export Course Content screen

  •  Choose Common Cartridge form the available export types



  •  In the Export Summary window click the Next button to start your export.


Angel will begin processing your export.  This can take some time to complete, but it doesn’t require you to stay at this site.  You can leave and return later to download your export file.

  • Once your export has completed return to the Export Course Content screen
  • Below the export file type options you will see and Export History table
  • Find the entry for the new export you created
  • Click on the File Name to download your exported file