How are Canvas Assessments with linked Question Banks imported?


How are Canvas Assessments with linked Question Banks imported into PowerSchool Learning via Common Cartridge?


Canvas Assessments with linked Question Banks are imported as blank Assessments that reference the imported Object Banks in the Assessment Details.  All of the Object Banks are imported into the Question Library.


  1. To view your imported Assessments, access Assessments through Activities tab.  All imported Assessments will be listed under the Draft tab.


  2. Select your Assessment to view the Assessment Details.  


  3. To add questions from the referenced Object Bank, access the Question Library through the Add Question(s) button.


  4. Select the referenced Object Bank from the list and select the questions you want to add to your Assessment.  (To learn more about the different ways to add questions from the Question Library check out our article:  How do I Add Questions using the Question Library?)

  5. Finally, once your Assessment is complete, you may want to remove the Description under the Assessment Details referencing the Object Banks before publishing.  If you wish to remove the Assessment Details, select Edit Settings under the Manage Assessment tab.


  6.  Edit the Description, click Save and you are ready to Publish!