Does PowerSchool Learning support imports from Canvas?


Does PowerSchool Learning support imports from Canvas?


Yes, PowerSchool Learning supports imports from Canvas in the Common Cartridge (.imscc) file type. However, there are some limitations to what can be imported at this time. If you have the ability to export the class from Canvas in Common Cartridge, you will be able to import Canvas content, assignments, and quizzes (with a few limitations) into PowerSchool Learning. To learn more about Common Cartridge files, check out this article


The following items are included when importing Canvas Common Cartridge content into Learning:


Canvas Content Notes
Attachments Will be created as Files in Learning.
Page Structure  
Discussion Topics Will be created as Discussions in Learning.
Web Links  
Quizzes Will be created as Draft Assessments with the Exam type in Learning.
Canvas Quizzes with Linked Question Banks

Will come over as blank Assessments that reference the imported Object Banks. For more information, please see our this article on Canvas Assessments with Question Banks.

Question Banks

Will be imported into the Learning Question Library.

  • Supported question types: True / false, Matching, Multiple Choice, and Essay questions are all imported.
  • Unsupported question types: Multiple Answer Multiple Choice and Fill in the Blank with multiple blanks. 


If your Canvas Common Cartridge import file contains content that is not able to be imported into PowerSchool Learning, it will simply be skipped over during the import process. For information on how to export a class from Canvas and what will be included, please check out: How do I export a Canvas course?


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