What’s the difference between linking and merging classes in Powerschool Learning?


What’s the difference between linking and merging classes in PowerSchool Learning?


Linking is connecting two classes together where changing the roster in the source class dynamically updates the roster in the linked class. Merging is combining two classes into one.

Common Scenarios:

 When schools import their data into PowerSchool Learning, classes with multiple sections are initially imported as separate classes. If you want to share content between two imported classes, say Geometry 101-1 and 101-2, you can link them to a source class by manually creating a new class, let’s call it Geometry 101. After creating this new source class, create sections in Geometry 101 (the source class) and then link each imported class (Geometry 101-1 and Geometry 101-2) to a section within the source class.

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Merging: If your school’s imports create a class for you , but you have already created that class in PowerSchool with content you want to transfer to this new class, you can merge your existing class into the newly imported class by using the merge feature under the Manage Class menu of the class with content. This way, you can keep your content but it’s synced up with your school’s data (rosters, exports, etc.)

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