What is the best way to transition my classes from one term to the next?

Q:  Our term is coming to an end. What is the best way to transition my classes from one term to the next?

A:  Transitioning your classes from one term to the next depends greatly on your school's setup.  


In PowerSchool Learning, there are many ways that admin teams and teachers can set up their classes and schedules. In order to make sure that you’re making the right decision for your class, check in with your Domain Administrator on what practices are being used at your School/District.


Term Transition Options


How you transition your classes between terms depends on how your school/district manages rosters. There are two main ways that schools/districts may handle term transitions:


Scenario 1: Teacher using same roster(s)


If you will use the same rosters for the next term, no changes are necessary. Continue using your existing classes in the new term.


Scenario 2: Teachers using new roster(s)


If your school/district provides you with a new imported roster to start the new term you must use a new class for the new term. Note that teachers using Master Classes with linked roster sections must create a new master class for the new term for data preservation.


  1. Make the class for the current term Inactive.
    • Manage Class > Make Inactive
  2. If reusing content, copy the content for use in the upcoming term.Term Transition.png
  3. If using a Master Class setup with linked roster sections,  link rosters to the new master class.
  4. Make the class for the upcoming term Active, so students can access the class.
    • Manage Class > Make Active


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