What is the PowerSchool Learning Library?


What is the PowerSchool Learning Library and how do I use it?


The Library contains content contributed by other teachers and administrators, which you can copy and use in your class. You can browse resources, and if you find something you’d like to use, you can copy it to a new or existing class.

How to Browse the Library

To browse the Library for content, you can select a category, filter by subject and/or grade level, or just type keywords into the search.


Click on the item in the library to view the resource the way it will appear in your class.

Click on Use Resource to copy the resource into your class. You will be asked if you would like to copy the resource to a new class or a class you have already created.


How to Contribute to the Library

Domains can specify who is able to contribute to the Library. Some schools may allow all teachers & admins to contribute. Others may restrict it to admins only. If you have been given access to the Library, you will see it as an option when you use the Share option inside a class.


To share content to the Library, go to the Share option underneath the Manage Class, Manage Page, or Manage Block menu within a class.





Be sure to check out the Terms of Service. You can then choose the Library option and click continue.



You an then add a Resource Name, a Short Description, Grade Level, Subject, Category, and any additional tags you would like to include. When you are finished, click Copy.

Next, you will be taken to that particular resource listing within the Library. From there you can click on Manage to see the following options:

  • Edit Listing (make changes to the title, description, tags)
  • Edit Resource (edit the actual content of the resource you shared)
  • Edit Thumbnail (edit the Thumbnail of your content)
  • "Like" the Resource
  • Use the Resource
  • Browse the full Library
  • Close the Library by clicking on the "x" in the top-right corner of the window


Content not appearing instantly?

It is not uncommon for something uploaded to the Content Library to take five to fifteen minutes to appear. If it still does not appear after a short time, please feel free to reach out to support!