What happens to my Pages and other section-specific content when I delete a Section from my class?


What happens to my Pages and other section-specific content when I delete a Section from my class? 


Any time that you delete a Roster Section, PowerSchool Learning will present you with a few different options for reallocating content within your class.  You can choose to either Keep or Deleteitems that were only available to that section, and to either Move or Delete students previously in the deleted Roster Section.  

Removing your Last Section

When a class has only two Roster Sections and you delete one of those Sections, you can choose to either Keep or Delete resources that were associated only with the deleted Section. 


Select Continue to save your choice, and a few different changes will occur:  

  • All Students and Parents will automatically be moved into the remaining Section.  
  • If you elect to Delete these resources, all section-specific Discussions and WikiProjects that had previously belonged only to the deleted section will be immediately deleted from the class.

    Please note: These items cannot be restored!  If this is the case, you will see another quick warning:


  • If you choose to Keep these resources, previously section-specific Discussions and WikiProjects will automatically become available to all students in the class.  
  • In both cases Pages, Assignments, Events, Activities and other content not referenced above that was previously associated with the deleted section will remain in the class and be available to all users. 

Removing One of Multiple Roster Sections

When a class has more than two Roster Sections and you delete one of those Sections, you can choose to either Move or Delete students that were associated with the deleted Section. 




  • If you choose to Move these students, all Parents and Students in the deleted section will be moved to the new Section you choose from the drop-down menu. 
  • If you choose to Delete all students in the section, students who do not have any data in the class (Grades, Inbox message, submitted Assignments, etc.) will be removed from the course completely.  Students who do have data in the class will be marked as Disabled and hidden by default.  Hidden students can be revealed at any time through the Roster Settings menu. 

Any items associated with just the deleted section, including Discussions, Pages, WikiProjects, and all other content will automatically be made available to the remaining sections in the course. PowerSchool Learning will produce a warning letting you know what will be moved!


But what about my students' work?  What happens when I move them to another section? 

Upon moving a students from one section to another, all coursework that has an identical corresponding item (such as an Assignment that was available to both the New and the Old section) in their new Roster Section will automatically be transferred along with the students.  

Content that only exists for the student's previous section will not necessarily transition with the student: 

  • If the Roster Section still exists, the student's coursework will be available should you move the student back to that section temporarily.  
  • If the Roster Section no longer exists, the content follows the above rules depending on the number of Roster Sections in the course. It will have either been deleted at your request or made accessible to all sections, including the student's new one.  

But don't worry! PowerSchool Learning will not let you delete an entire Roster Section for students who already hold grades in the course. The Delete button will be greyed out in this instance, with a warning in place to help prevent any accidental loss of data.