What can I do with MiniSites?


What can I do with MiniSites?


MiniSites allow you to upload pages created using HTML and other client side code (like javascript or flash) to be included as part of your class.  The pages can be exported as HTML from another program or service, like Powerpoint or SoftChalk, or created by hand.  There are a few simple requirements you need to consider when creating a MiniSite.

MiniSite Requirements

  • You must include a start page named index.html.
  • Your files must be zipped together, with index.html at the root level. (Click here for more information on creating a zip file.)
  • Any links in your files that reference other files must be relative links.
  • Don't include any files that require server-side code.
  • The zip file must not exceed 500mb.

The file you upload will be unzipped and stored by our server, and a block will be added to your class page either linking to or embedding your index.html file.

Absolute & Relative Links

Using relative links will ensure your pages and content look the same on PowerSchool Learning as they did on  your local computer.  Absolute links contain a full path to an image, html document, or other liked file.  Because your MiniSite files will be stored in the file system of our server, absolute links like C:/Users/Bob/Pictures/image.jpg  will not work.  Relative links, like files/image.jpg or ../images/logo.png, define the location of a file in relation to the current page, and will work properly with MiniSites.  If you are using a program that exports to HTML it likely uses relative links by default, so you shouldn't have to worry about this.

Server-Side & Client-Side Code

Server-side code includes the languages such as PHP, Perl, ASP, and Ruby.  Code written in these languages requires the server to process the code and then send the response to a user's browser.  The server that hosts MiniSites does not have the ability to do this processing, and will likely pass any code in these languages as text.  You are free to use client-side code, including JavaScript, VB Script, and applet languages, such as Java and Flash.  These are sent by our server and processed by the users browser.  Because they require nothing special of the host server, they will work with MiniSites.

MiniSite Examples

As long as you stay within these requirements the rest is up to you.  Below are a few examples of things you can do with MiniSites.

  • Enable students to view a Powerpoint or Keynote presentation from within your class.
  • Add Flash Animations, Games, or Tools to your class pages. 
  • Include custom websites or Java Applets as examples for a programing class

Check out this article for more information on using MiniSites to embed content into your class: Embed a Widget using MiniSites