What are Templates and how do I use them?


What are Templates and how do I use them?


If you use the the same content over and over in multiple classes you can create a Template containing this information. Then, when you create a new class, you can use the template to automatically populate your new class with your content.

How do I create a Template?

Templates are created from existing classes by using the Save Class As button in the Manage Classmenu.


Use the check boxes to choose the content you wish to copy to your new Template. Because Templates do not contain student data, items relating to specific students (like Discussion posts, Inbox messages, and Grades) will not be copied, but all other course content can be including:

  • Pages
  • Calendar Events
  • Assignments
  • Announcements
  • Gradebooks
  • Gradebook Entries
  • Attendance Books
  • Discussions
  • Assessments
  • Polls
  • WikiProjects
  • Badges


How do I Edit a Template?

Once you have created a Template you can edit its content that same way you would one of your PowerSchool Learning classes. To access your templates, go to your My Classes page and click on the Templates tab. Your available templates will be listed here. Click on the name of a Template to access and edit its contents.

How do I Create a New Class Based on a Template?

To create a new class with the content from your Template, simply create a new class and choose your template from the list in the last step of the class creation process. You can find more information on creating new classes here:

Creating a new Class


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