What are Comments and how do I use them?


What are Comments and how do I use them? 


Students and teachers can use PowerSchool Learning’s Comments feature to discuss content or provide feedback on each other’s Pages and WikiProjects. They’re like social media comments on the bottom of your favorite social media sites.


Enabling Comments

When creating a new Class, you will have the option to turn on the Comments feature


or you can use Manage Class > Class Settings > Features to add or remove the ability to use Comments in your Class.



Adding Comments


Once Comments have been enabled, you and your students will be able to add Comments to Class and WikiProject Pages. Here's how to they can create Comments:

  1. Click on the Page Comments dropdown arrow
  2. Select the + Comment button
  3. Enter your Comment into the text area
  4. Choose the Post Comment button to share your Comment
  5. Select the Discard Comment button if you've changed your mind and don't want to share your Comment

Pro tip: Add images, tables, and even embed content into your comment using the Rich Text Editor when sharing your Comment!




Viewing Comments

There are a couple ways to view Comments left on a Page or WikiProject. Once a Comment has been left on a Page, a Comment icon will appear at the top of the Page with a number indicating how many Comments have been left to view.




When you click on the little Comment bubble, the Page will automatically scroll to the bottom where you can view the new Comment and respond. Or you can access comments from the bottom of the Page where Comments are located. You’ll be able to see who wrote the comment and what time it was posted.




Note: You can setup your account to receive Email and SMS Notifications when new Comments are shared in your classes. Visit this article to learn how to setup your Notifications!


Managing Comments

As a teacher you can manage Comments a couple of ways. On the left side of the Comments, field use the little drop-down arrow to hide or delete a Comment.



On the right side of the Comments field, choose Manage Comments to close Comments or delete all Comments.




Bonus tip: Select a student's avatar in the Comments area to easily award Badges!





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