Videos take a long time to download for my users, is there a better way?


My class made a news video and it is now on my desktop. I uploaded it to my PowerSchool Learning page so parents and other could view it but when I tried it myself, it takes 14 minutes to download- and even longer when you hit "play". Is there a better way to do this that makes it take less time to view?


The best thing you could do would be to upload it to a streaming service like YouTube or (since many K12 schools block YouTube) to kid-friendly TeacherTube. Instead of having to wait for the entire thing to download, it starts streaming right away, AND it is optimized for the web.

The only limitation is that it will need to be shorter than the time (and size) limitations of the video service you are uploading.



If you choose to use TeacherTube, for example, you'll need to make an account on TeacherTube, upload the video to the TeacherTube site, and then use Embed the Web (Under the Add Content Block on your Pages tab) to find instructions on how to paste in the embed code.

We recently added a tutorial on how to embed content on the PowerSchool Learning website. For TeacherTube the process is very similar as for YouTube: How to Use Embed the Web

You can also embed YouTube videos by using the YouTube Content Block. Learn more about that here: How Can I Upload a YouTube video into my class?


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