The Flickr Block - Flickr Photo Integration


About the Flickr Block

The Flickr Block allows you to easily add photos, hosted on the popular website, to your PowerSchool Learning class. Visit for more information on how to upload and share your own photos.

Creating a Flickr Block

To use this feature, click on the Add Content Block button inside your class on the page in which you would like to add photos. Click on the Flickr button in the window that pops up (under the Content Tab toward the near of the window).


The Create Embedded Image Content window will pop up. If you haven't already, open a new browser window & find the page on that displays the pictures you would like to add to your class. Copy the URL (address) of that page & paste it into the URL of External Content field.

Currently the Flickr Block supports following types of URLs:


Choose the Display mode that you prefer, then click the Next button. You will be given the chance to add a Title and Description and will see a Preview of the Flickr images that will be displayed on your page. When you are satisfied, click the Save button.



Known Limitations

  • We do not support the following types of URLs: Groups, Pools, Global Tags (Tags from more than a specific user).
  • In Thumbnail mode, only the first 20 photos from a Flickr photo stream will be displayed on your page.