Is there a way to hide blocks on published pages?


Is there any way to hide a Discussion Block or a Text Block without deleting it? There are items that my current students no longer need to see or that I do not want them to see yet.  If I could store them somewhere without having them show on the pages, that would be great.


The best way to do this is by moving the blocks.  (We hope to implement a "Hide Block" option in the future, but until then, give this workaround a try!)

Move unused blocks to an unpublished page for storage:

1. Create a Page, label it according to your use and leave it unpublished. (Unpublished pages can not be seen by your students.)


2. Add new content blocks that you would like to hide from students to your Hidden Content unpublished page.  

3. To hide existing blocks, Move your block to a the unpublished page by selecting Manage Block button 768img2.png , then Move


4. You can now select the Class and the Page you would like to move this block to. To finish click Move.   (To un-hide them, just move them back to a Published page at any time!)