I was working on my class and now I can't find it...where did it go?


I was working on my class and now I can't find it...where did it go?


There are a few ways that classes are sorted that might make it seem like your class is missing.  Here are a few things to check:

Classes Tab

Check both the Active and Inactive Classes tabs on the "My Classes" page. The "My Classes" page can be accessed by clicking on the "My Classes" tab on the left hand side of the homepage.


or by selecting "My Classes" on the top right hand side of your screen.


There are three tabs under “My Classes” where classes will appear: "Active", "Inactive", and "Templates." 


If you are in the process of creating the class, but have not activated it yet, your class will be under the “Inactive” Tab.  Likewise, if you have activated your class (made it viewable to students, etc.), it will appear under the "Active" tab.  If you have created a template out of one of your classes, it will appear under the "Templates" tab. 

School Year

If your school is using PowerSchool Learning, there will be an administrative setting labeled "School Year" located under the "Inactive" tab on the "My Classes" page. 


This feature organizes Inactive classes according to school year.  If your class appears to be missing, check the school year setting.  Is it set to a specific year?  If so, and your class isn’t showing up, try selecting “all” under the drop down menu.


This should reveal all the classes you have created over the years, including new ones that may not be included in the current school year setting.