How wide are the columns of each Page Layout?


If I'm uploading images or embedded content to PowerSchool Learning, what are the maximum width that will fit (without scrolling) in each different type of Column?


In each Page Layout, there are a different set of Columns with different column widths. You can always place an image or object that is larger in the block, but the pixel widths of images or embeds that will fit snuggly in columns are approximately 150px, 275px, 450px, 700px and 940px.

One Column Layout

The large, one-column layout can hold an embedded image or item up to approximately 940px in width.


Wide Right and Traditional Two Layouts

The larger column of a Traditional Two or a Wide Right layout will comfortably hold an image or embed up to 700px in width. The smaller column can hold up to approximately 150px in width.




Even Two Layout

The two even columns of the Even Two layout can each comfortably hold an image or embedded object that is approximately 450px in width.




Three Columns Layout

Each column in the Three Columns layout will hold an image or embedded object that is approx. 275px in width.



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