How do I use StudyMate activities in my Class?


How do I use StudyMate activities in my PowerSchool Learning Class?


StudyMate is an excellent tool for easily creating activities and games for use in your class.  You can add StudyMate activities to your class using the MiniSite tool.  For more information on StudyMate please visit their website.

Export from StudyMate

First, you will need to export your activities as HTML + SWF files.  The following instructions come from the StudyMate Author 2.0 Users Guide.

Exporting HTML+SWF Files

If you want to export a StudyMate activity so that it can be added to a web page, you must use a bit of HTML code. StudyMate Author will provide the needed HTML code when the SWF is exported. 

Start the StudyMate Publish Wizard and select the activities to be included with the Flash file.
On the next page of the wizard select the “HTML+SWF” option and click [Next].

You are now prompted to enter the title that should appear on the HTML page (the title text will appear directly above the links to the Flash activities). Additional text, such as instructions to the student, can be added below the title.

In the next section, there is an option to provide a title that will appear in the Flash activities themselves. For example, the top row in the Challengegame can display a title such as “Psychology - Fall Competition!”

Finally, click the [Save As] button and browse to a location on your hard drive to where the Flash file and HTML file should be saved. Once a folder is selected, click [Finish] to complete the export process.


Prepare your Files

The Publishing process will create two or three new files (an HTML file, an SWF file, and possibly a JS file).  You will need all of these files for your Activity to work properly.  Before you can create a MiniSite you need to rename the html file as “index.html”. 

To do this either click on the file once and then click on the name, or right click on the file and choose rename.  You only want to rename the HTML file.  Renaming the other files will make your activity unusable.  

Next, you need to create a zip archive containing all of the files created by the StudyMate export.  For more information on creating a zip file please see this article:

How do I create a zip file that I can upload as a MiniSite?


Upload your MiniSite

Once you have created the archive file you can upload it to a page in your class using the MiniSites tool.  You can get more information on MiniSites and their capabilities from this article :

What can I do with MiniSites?



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