How do I transfer classes to my new PowerSchool Learning Domain Account?


How do I transfer my classes to my new Domain Account?


 There are two type of classes that you might need to transfer if you are getting started with a new Domain: Classes belonging to an existing individuals account, and external classes from another LMS. Lets start with moving other Classes.

Moving PowerSchool Learning Classes from a Solo Teacher Account to a Domain Account

Content Sharing

There are two ways we can go about transferring classes from existing users to new accounts. First, you can use the content sharing tool within PowerSchool Learning to transfer your course content to your new account. This tool allows teachers to share the content of their classes for use by other teachers, or in this case, their new account. There is the article How do I share content with other teachers?  in our Knowledgebase outlining how to use this tool.

Support Assistance

If you have a large number of classes, touch base with your Domain Administrator. They'll be able to check in with folks here at PowerSchool Learning about the possibility of transferring them for you. You'll want to include the following three pieces of information for each class to be transferred: the name of the user that owns the class, the name of the class, and the name of the user to transfer it to. 

Notes on moving Classes

Both of these methods for transferring classes will only result in course content (pages, assignments, discussion topics, etc...) being transferred. Student related content (Roster, Discussion Posts, Grades, etc...) will not be transferred. Both of these options actually create a copy of the class content and leave the original class unchanged. If the classes you want to transfer are not active at this time this should not be a problem, but if you do have any classes with active students let us know and we can discuss some other options. 

Moving Classes from another Learning Management System

You can transfer classes to PowerSchool Learning from any LMS that supports exporting of Common Cartridge files. There is an article in our Knowledgebase describing the export process from one such LMS (Angel)