How do I share content with other teachers?


How do I share content, such as blocks, pages and classes, with other teachers?


You can share content via the Sharing feature, which is available for Content Blocks, Pages, and Classes.


The Sharing feature allows you to provide a description of the shared content, and gives you the choice of sending an email containing a link to your shared content or copying the link so that you can share it anywhere. If you have content in a PowerSchool Learning class you wish to share, use the following steps:

To share a Block: Find the block you wish to share, click on the Manage Block button  697img1.png  in the upper right hand corner and select Share.



To share a Page: Go to the page you wish to share, click on the Manage Page dropdown menu and select Share Page.


To share a Class: Go to the class you wish to share, click on the Manage Class dropdown menu and select Share Class.



You can choose to Share by Invitation, or to the Library. (For more on the Library, click here.)


Select Invitation to share your class content with others (or even yourself!). You can then select whether you'd like to email the link, or copy the link yourself and post it anywhere (Twitter, a new browser window, etc.)


Anyone who follows the link can copy your shared content to their own PowerSchool Learning account. Because shared content is copied, not tied to the original, each teacher can modify it to fit their needs without effecting your original content.

* If you're looking to share content with yourself, from one domain to another, ensure you're logged into the desired domain when clicking on the link to accept the shared content.

Teachers can share content as many times as they’d like, and of course copy in others’ shared content, too. If you wish to use other's shared content, you need to ask them to send you the share link. Once you click on the link you will be led through the process to add content to your class.

: If your entire school uses PowerSchool Learning, and you do not see this option on your menus, please contact your domain administrator to request the feature be turned on. The option can be found by a domain administrator under the Applications area of the domain control. Next to the application called Content Sharing & Library check the box labeled Enable, then click on Settings to enable content sharing and specify domain-wide Library and Sharing preferences.