How do I set up Groups?


How can I organize my Students into teams for WikiProjects and smaller groups for Discussions?


You can do this by using Group Sets and Groups! Create a Group WikiProject or a Group Discussion to take care of this.

Group Sets
 contain two (2) or more collections of students, called Groups. Groups allow Teachers to assign Students to "teams," in which they can work on a project or engage in a discussion together.

Teachers can create Groups from the Edit Roster tool or when creating a Group WikiProject or Group Discussion.


Here's how to create a Group WikiProject, but the process is similar for Group Discussions:

  1. Choose Connect > WikiProjects
  2. Select Add WikiProject
  3. Give the WikiProject a Title and add any related standards or instructions for the WikiProject
  4. Select Group Project, then click Next.


  5. If your Class has any previously configured Group Sets, you can choose them to save time, but we'll choose to create new Groups for this example.

  6. Assign a Name to your Group Set and distribute the students from your class roster into each Group.


  7. Click Next
  8. Finalize your WikiProject by giving it a Schedule, Grading Period, selecting who can provide Feedback.
  9. Choose Save and you're done!


Pro-tip: All created Group Sets and Groups (for both WikiProjects and Discussions) can be used in future activities and managed from the Groups tab under Manage Class > Edit Roster.


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