How do I secure my videos?


What is the best way secure my videos?  I want the videos I use in my PowerSchool Learning class to only be available to my students.


There are two ways you can secure the videos you use in your class:

1. The best way to ensure that only students have access to your video files is to upload them directly to your class.  This will ensure that only members of your class have access to your video, but there are some things to consider before choosing this option.

  • Videos uploaded to PowerSchool Learning are presented in the format they are uploaded in.  Depending on what format is used, some users may experience trouble viewing these files.  For more information on uploading videos see his article: 

    What file type should I use when I upload videos?

  • Video files can be quite large, and can quickly use up your available storage space, especially if you are using a free PowerSchool Learning account.  The file size limit of uploads are 1.7GB.

2. At least one third party video service allows you to password protect your videos so that only those with the password can view them.  This service is called Vimeo (, and the videos they host can be embedded in your class using Embed the Web.  When you embed a password protected video students will see this in their class:


In this example the password for the video is added to the description of the block, so that users can copy and paste it. It could also be shared in a syllabus or other course documentation.

While there is no guaranteed way to secure any content that is placed on the internet, both of these options will restrict your videos to only students in your class.  You should also inform your students that content on your pages is your property, and should not be reused without permission.