How do I make my class visible to everyone in my School or District?


How do I make my class public to everyone in my School or District?


You can adjust the visibility settings of your class through the Class Settings area of the Manage Class menu.  Use the Class will be visible to drop-down menu to adjust who will be able to view your class while logged into your Haiku Learning domain.

Please note, this option is currently only available to School & District Edition domains of Haiku Learning.  However, any Teacher can share their class with the world by making it public

Adjust your Class Visibility Settings

  1. Navigate to the Class Settings area of the Manage Class drop-down menu.


  2. Scroll down to the the Settings area of the General tab.
  3. Using the Class will be visible to drop-down menu, select either the Organization or School your class is currently assigned to, or your full Domain.  


  4. Hit Save to keep your changes!

Logged-in users associated with your chosen visibility setting will then have the ability to navigate to and view your class as a Guest.  

Guests can see teacher-generated class content (e.g. pages, calendar, announcements) but will never see any student-generated information (e.g. discussion posts, homework handed in to the dropbox) or private student-related data (e.g. grades, attendance).


For more information on visibility setting options in Haiku Learning, find out How to Control Access to your Class.

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