How do I make my class Active or Inactive?

Q. As a teacher, how do I make my class Active or Inactive?

A. To make your class Active or Inactive, go to the Manage Class menu.


You can find the Manage Class menu next to the class under My Classes or in the top-right corner of the page when you're viewing the class. 


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(Domain administrators can also find the Manage Class menu next to the name of the class under the Classes Tab in Domain Control.)


If your class is Inactive, you can make it Active by selecting Make Active at the bottom of the menu. If your class is currently Active, you can make it Inactive.

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When a class is Inactive, only teachers and administrators can access the class and the class will not show up in the Portal. When a class is Active, anyone in the Roster can see the class in the Portal and can access the class.


Instead of deleting a class at the end of the year, it is often better to make the class Inactive, as it is easier to make a class Active again than it is to recover a deleted class

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