How do I get my old class content into my new classes at the start of the year?


How do I get my old class content into my new class? When I create new classes and rosters at the start of the year, can I copy content from my old class into the new one? 


Yes! There are several easy ways to do this: you can Share the class with yourself, use Save Class As to create a new class or a Template, Merge the old content into a new imported class, or Copyindividual Pages or Blocks.

Share Class


If you already have a new class and you want to copy all your content over from your old class, you can go to Manage Class > Share Class and share the class with yourself. (Note: This will only work if your Domain Administrator has enabled Content Sharing.) You can also Share content with other teachers.

Save Class As


If you don't already have a new class, you can go to Manage Class > Save Class As to create a new copy of your old class. If you want to copy this old class to more than one new class, you can also choose to save the class as a Template.


Our Knowledgebase article on how to transition between classes at the end of the year includes a detailed description of how to use the Save Class As tool.



If you have a new imported class with a Roster but no content, you can merge content from an existing class into the new, content-free class. Go to Manage Class > Merge.
Note: This works best if you are only teaching one section of this class. If you are teaching multiple sections of the same class, you will not want to use the Merge feature. Instead, see our article on setting up Roster Sections.  


For a thorough walkthrough, please see our Knowledgebase article on how to merge content into an imported class.



528img4.png     528img5.png

If you only want to bring some of your old content into a new class, then the Copy tool is your best option. You can copy whole pages using Manage Page > Copy Page, or you can copy individual blocks, using Manage Block button  528img6.png  > Copy. You can also Copy a page or a block to multiple classes at the same time.


None of these sharing or copying tools will delete or overwrite content in the existing class: any content that's shared or copied will simply be added to what's already in the new class.

This means that, if you accidentally copy too much (for example, using Save Class As), you can't "undo" that by simply repeating the process and selecting less content to share - you'd either need to go into the new class and delete the extra content manually, or you could create a second, blank new class and start over.

If you're a PowerSchool Learning Domain Administrator looking for advice on how to transition between school years, check out our School Year Transition Guide for Domain Administrators