How do I create a new class?


How do I create a new class?


Click the New Class button in the upper right hand corner of the My Classes page to begin setting up your new class.


You will then be walked through what you need to do to create your new class.


Step 1: Setting Up Your Class

First, you'll need to enter some basic information. When you type a Class Name in the space shown below, the URL (web address) is created automatically.*


You may choose to add a Class Code if you would like (for example, Math 101). Next, type a short summary of your class (optional), describing it to your audience. The Class Summary is displayed on the My Classes page. Below the Class Summary, you can assign the Class to a School Year (if your domain is using School Years) manage some basic visibility settings, and turn on or off several optional class features like the Calendar or Inbox.


Note: for Domain accounts, the default settings you see here will depend on the default settings for your  Domain.

*Hint: You can make your class easier to find by choosing a shorter URL.


Step 2: Selecting a Class Schedule

You now have the option of creating a Class Schedule, which will define the beginning and ending dates for Terms or Grading Periods in your class.


If you do not want to use a schedule, select No Schedule Required. You may use an Existing Schedule from a class you have already made (or one set by your Domain Administrators), or you may create a new schedule by clicking Create New Schedule and selecting a schedule type from the list displayed below.

The Simple Schedule allows you to choose a start date and an end date for your class right away. The other schedule types will allow you to set the Term and Grading Period dates on the following page.


For more detailed walkthroughs with screenshots, check out our Knowledgebase articles on creating a Class Schedule for your Gradebook and creating a Class Schedule for your Domain.


Optional: Choosing a Template

Next, you are given the option of choosing a Template for your class. A Template can be made from an existing class to help you get a head start creating a new class.



If you select a Template to use, all information stored in the Template will appear in your new class.

If you have not created any Templates, you cannot select a template at this time.

*Hint: If the template option is grayed out, don't worry. To create templates use the "Save As" feature on any of your existing classes.

For illustrated instructions, take a peek at our Knowledgebase article on what Templates are and how to use them.

And in Conclusion...

That's it! Now that your class is set up, you may want to get started by clicking the Add Content Block button. Then, select the type of content you wish to enter. Click on Add Page to add additional pages to your class site.


If you don't know where to begin, have a look at our Knowledgebase article on how to get started with your new Class.


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