How do I close my classes at the end of the term or school year and create new ones for the next year?


 How do I close my classes at the end of the term and create new ones for the next term?


At the end of the term you should make your classes inactive and copy any class content that you wish to reuse to a new Class or Template.


If your account belongs to a PowerSchool Learning domain, we recommend checking out our How To Class for Teachers which includes some extra instructions.

Make your Classes Inactive

Once you are finished teaching a class you should make the class inactive.  Doing this will prevent students from accessing the class, but all of the class data will still be available to you.  To do this choose Make Inactive from the Manage Class menu.  


As the teacher, you can access your inactive classes by clicking on the Inactive tab on your My Classes screen.  You can also reactivate a class at any time.

Copy Class Content

If you will be using the same course content again, you can copy it by choosing Save As from the Manage Class Menu.  


This will give you the option to save the course content as a New Class or as a Template.  



If you only need one copy of the class you can choose the New Class option, but if you might want to use this content again and again, chose the Template option.  Then, use the check boxes to determine what data you are copying.  On the next screen you can give your New Class or Template a Name, Class code, and a URL.  



Your current roster and student data will not be copied, so your class will be ready for a fresh start.


You can get more information on PowerSchool Learning Templates here:


What are Templates and how do I use them?


Share your Classes with your Peers

While you are closing out your completed classes you might find it helpful to share content with other teachers that have similar classes.  You can use the Sharing feature to allow other users to copy the content in your classes, pages, or blocks for their own use.  Please see this article for more information: 


How do I share content with other teachers?


Data Retention

You never need to worry about your classes automatically being deleted.  Even with a free account you can have unlimited inactive classes as long as you stay within your available storage.  For Organizational users, your Domain Administrator does have the ability to delete your courses if the wishes, but he will have to do so manually.  Deleting classes can not be done using the import process.  


Merging Class Content

Once you do a Save As, if you need to get that content into a class imported by your school, you can do a Merge. For more on merging, click here.


Roster Setup

Once you have your class content ready, you may need to set up your Rosters. Here are some common Roster scenarios:

Roster Scenario 1: Creating Content in an Imported Class

Roster Scenario 2: Merging Content into an Imported Class

Roster Scenario 3: Creating a Master Class for Imported Roster Sections

Documentation for Schools

If you are a domain administrator, this article will help you successfully switch over school years.


I have an active class at max storage. I've cleared the roster; deleted YouTubes; reduced sizes of images; removed some images; created a new class with the "save as" feature; and the new class is still at 2.0! Help!! Please. No one has been of any assistance thus far. School starts soon and I don't know if I'll be able to navigate this class. Last year we hit the max on storage and the class "froze." We wiggled through by having students email their homework.  I don't know what else to do! I don't want to invite students to class until I know it's working. So, i have an empty roster and a class in place. Thank you!

@linda8810, Thank you for your comment.


If you have followed these suggestions to free up your storage then there might be a delay from when you remove content and when this freed up space shows up on your account. I recommend waiting upto 24 hours or maybe more.


The concept is pretty simple, 2 GB max storage, if you have more than that, you need to slim your Classes. I also recommend reviewing this article