You can associate a class with a School Year by completing the "year" field of your classes.csv, or you can add them manually through the Class Settings area of your Manage Class menu.

Assigning Classes to Years Manually

Once you have created a School Year, there are two ways to add Classes to the year: manually or via import.

One way to add Classes to Years manually is through the "Classes" tab under Domain Control. Find the class you want to add to a School Year, then click "Class Settings" under the "Manage Class" menu.


Halfway down the General tab of the Class Settings window is a drop-down menu called Year(s).


Simply select the School Year you want the Class to belong to, then hit Save to keep your changes. 

Hint: You can also have teachers do this for their own Classes using the Manage Class menu.


Assigning Classes to Years Via Import

If you know how to import users and classes into PowerSchool Learning, you can also assign a Class to a School Year using the "year" field of the classes.csv import file. Any imported class will be assigned to the School Year with the associated Import ID in the "year" field.

If you want to learn more about School Years, check out this article on how to create and edit School Years and this article on how to use School Years to transition from one year to the next. Can't find your old classes? Read about how to access classes from an old School Year.