How do I add an image from another Website to my On Page Text blocks?

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How do I add an image from another Website to my On Page Text blocks?


With our improved Rich Text Editor it is now possible to add inline images to your On Page Textblocks.  One of the options in this tool allows you to add an image from another website.  To do this, you first need to find the address of the image you wish to use.

Find the Address of the Image you wish to Use

If you see an image on the internet that you wish to use in your PowerSchool Learning class, you can get the address for that image by right clicking on the image.  Depending on your browser you will see an option for "Copy Shortcut",  "Copy Image Address", or something similar.  Clicking on this option will copy the link to your clipboard.  You can then paste this address into the Link field to add this image to your On Page Text block.


Whenever adding content to your class you should be sure that it is your own, original creation, or that you have the permission of the creator to use it in this way.  This is especially true with images you find on other websites, which are often copyrighted by the owner of the site and must not be used without permission.