How do I Organize Pages in my class?


I want to change the order of pages in my class; how do I do this?


You can reorganize Pages in the navigation menu of any class using the Organize button, which lets you drag and drop pages into a new order, or nest them as subpages of each other.

Organizing Pages in a Class


1. Click the Organize button, next to the Add Page button above your Pages list.


2. This opens the Organize Pages screen. From here, you can drag and drop your Pages into the order you want. You can also drag existing Pages onto other Pages to nest items as subpages.



3. You can also Expand or Collapse your view of subpages, using the Expand/Collapse All buttons or the small arrows next to Page names. Collapsing subpages like this lets you quickly and easily reorganize top-level Pages, and all their subpages, in your class.


4. When you're finished with all of your edits, select Apply to save the changes. Your changes will be reflected in the menu on the left side of your Classes.



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