Can I make a class public and share the URL so that anyone can see the class?
Can I restrict a class so that only students and parents can see it? 


Yes and yes. When you make a class active, just set the Class will be visible to setting appropriately. If you select Only people in the Class Roster, only people in the class roster (e.g. parents and students) will be able to see class content. Alternately, if you choose Anyone on the web, the class will be public and visible to everyone like a standard webpage.

If your class is Inactive (If you're not sure, it's probably Inactive!):

You need to make your class Active so that others can see it, and at that time you can specify that it should be public-viewable.

  1. Sign in to PowerSchool Learning and navigate to the class you wish to make public.
  2. Click on the Manage Class menu & choose the Make Active option (Note: if the menu says Make Inactive the class is already Active).
  3. Select the Anyone on the web option from the Class will be visible to drop-down menu (if you want it public). Hit Save.

So now that my class is public, how do I know its address? How do my parents or student browse to the class? View the article here.



If your class is Active already:

If you decide you want to change this setting in the future, you can find the Only people I put in the class roster can view this class setting by doing the following:

  1. Sign in to PowerSchool Learning and navigate to your class you wish to make public.
  2. Click the Manage Class menu & choose the Class Settings option.
  3. Select the Anyone on the web option from the Class will be visible to drop-down menu, then hit Save to keep your changes.



Looking to make your class public just to your Organization or your Domain? Check out some additional information about class visibility.


Please Note: For all classes, only logged in roster members will be able to see student-created content (e.g. discussion posts, grades, etc.).

* Some domain administrators may choose to make the decision to control this option on their end. If you find that you don't have this option, you can reach out to your domain admin by going to Help and then selecting Contact [Your Domain].