Can I link to a specific spot on a PowerSchool Learning Page using an anchor?


Yes, you can, but the process is not necessarily intuitive. Due to how PowerSchool Learning loads the content of a page (dynamic/on-demand) it is only possible to link to a specific block (not an anchor within a block). 

When would I use this?

Instead of maintaining identical blocks on different pages, you can simply link to a block on a different page.  Giving out the link to a video within a class?  Link to the specific block where you've embedded the video.

Steps to link to a block on another page:

1. Navigate to the page that contains the block to which you want to link.

2. Open the Three-bar Menu, then select Developer within Firefox. From there, select the Inspector option. Chrome also has this ability but for the purpose of this article I will use Firefox (Instructions may vary based on Browser, Browser version and Operating System).

 542img1.jpg   542img2.jpg

3. Click on the “Inspector” option from the Inspector/Inspect bar at the bottom of window (see image below).


4. Click on the block to which you would like to link.  Hint: Make sure entire block is selected as in image above!

5. Copy the id # for the box and add "?block=id#" to the end of the link.

6. Click on the Link option while editing in the new block.


7. Paste the URL into the Link field.


8. Finally, click OK