What are Role Based Rosters?

Q: What are Role Based Rosters and how do I set up a Role Based Roster for a class?


A: The Role Based Roster tool was designed to allow easy creation of community classes by letting you generate a class roster that is automatically populated with students based on their Account Type, Organization, or Grade Level. As new users are added to your Learning domain they will also be added to any Role Based Roster Classes they meet the criteria for. 


Please note that certain features, such as the Gradebook, Attendance, the InboxBadges, and the ability to Email Roster are not available for Role Based Roster Classes. One-on-one and Group Discussions are also unavailable in Role Based Roster Classes.


Here are a few examples of when you might want to use a Role Based Roster class:


  • Senior Project class for all the Senior students at a specified High School
  • Professional Development class for all Teachers at an Elementary School
  • School-wide informational class for all Students & Parents


Setting up a Role Based Roster class is easy, here's what you can do:

  1. Log on as a Domain Administrator and browse to the Classes tab.


  2. Click on the Add Class button.


  3. Choose Role Based Roster and click Next.


  4. Choose a Teacher, and enter class information. Click on Create to create the new class.


  5. In the Role Based Roster window, choose the criteria for your class. If necessary, click the Add Additional Rule button to define more than one criteria. When you are finished, click Save to automatically start generating your roster. NOTE: if you are adding a co-teacher, DO NOT ADD RULES until after you add your co-teacher.



There are several options available to narrow the specific people that you want to be enrolled on the Roster. People can be enrolled with a Role of Student based upon the type of Account, which Organization to which they belong, and even specific Grade Levels.
While Students and Teachers will have to be assigned a Grade Level either manually or via Import, Parent accounts will be enrolled based upon the Grade Level of their children. This happens for Parent accounts automatically, even if their account hasn't explicitly been associated with a Grade Level!

Manually Adding a Student.

To allow for more flexibility when setting up Role Based Roster Classes, there is also the option to manually add Students to a Role Based Class.
To manually add a Student, here's what you do:
1. Locate the Class in the Classes tab under Domain Control, click on Manage Class, and then Roster.
2. Next, you click the Add Student button (on the Students tab).

3. Look up the Student and click the Add button.

The Student is now added to the Roster and is marked with a * to the left, indicating that he/she was manually added. You're also able to easily remove a manually added Student by clicking Manageand selecting Remove from roster from the dropdown menu.

*Please note that Role Based Rosters are under Domain Administrator control, therefore Teachers are unable to add Students to a Role Based Roster Class in any way.