How Do I Restore A Class That's Been Deleted?

Q. How do I restore a class that's been deleted?


A. Deleted classes can only be restored in some situations. In most cases, classes deleted by Solo Teachers cannot be recovered. Even for classes deleted by School Edition customers, there is no guarantee that a class can be restored to its exact state. In addition, classes deleted indirectly when the owners' accounts are deleted cannot be recovered.


As a result, instead of deleting a class that is no longer in use, it is usually better to make the class Inactive.


School Edition administrators can usually restore deleted classes by going to Domain Control > Classes, finding the class you want to restore, and clicking the Restore Class button.




Deleted classes are retained according to your domain's Class Deletion Settings. You can find your Class Deletion Settings under Manage Domain > Settings > Classes




By default, new domains are set to destroy deleted classes after one month. However, for any domains with enough storage available, we strongly recommend retaining deleted classes and class content for a minimum of three months.


Once classes are permanently destroyed, they cannot be recovered.


If you are trying to recover content in a class that has not been deleted, check out our article on how to restore content in your class.

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