How Do I Create and Edit School Years?

Q: How do I create and edit School Years so that I can sort and manage classes by year?


A: Domain Administrators can create School Years manually or by import. You can edit School Years by going to through the School Years area of the Manage Domain menu, located in the domain control area.


The School Year feature is a particularly easy way to help users transition from one year to the next. Classes from old School Years are automatically filtered at the end of the year and moved just out of sight, so that they're still accessible, but they don't get in the way. 


Creating, Editing, and Managing School Years


Most schools create School Years when importing classes by simply entering a unique Import ID for the school year into the "Year" field of your classes.csv file. However, you can also add School Yearsmanually by going to Domain Control > Manage Domain > School Years.


Even if you create your School Years via import, you'll likely want to define the start and end of each school year manually using the School Years tool.




Here, you'll see a list of any the School Years you've already created for your domain.


In this example, we can see that there's already a School Year for 2012-2013. You can edit the settings for existing school years by clicking Manage School Year > Edit. If you've accidentally created duplicate School Years, you can combine them by Merging the school years through the Manage School Year menu. To add a new School Year, simply click Add School Year.


For each School Year, you can enter the display name of the School Year, a unique Import ID (if it doesn't have one already), and the start and end dates of the year. By default, the Import ID will be the same as the Name, but you can change the Name later, if needed.


Remember, your Import ID needs to match the value in the School Year field of the classes.csv file in your import!


Here's an example:


2016-10-12 13_28_38-PowerSchool Learning Domain Control Center.png

To learn more about School Years, check out these articles on how to add classes to a School Year and how to use School Years to transition from one year to the next


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