A: A "no data" message means that there is no activity to display that matches your current Dashboard and filter settings.


Please note: This feature is only available to PowerSchool Learning School & District Edition domains.


Usually, this happens because there really is no activity in the Analytics Dashboard that matches your filters. Sometimes, this happens because:

  • Each day's data is loaded into the Analytics Dashboard overnight. In other words, it's expected that activity recorded today won't be visible until tomorrow.
  • Only some actions are tracked by our statistics tools, so some kinds of activity aren't reflected on the Analytics Dashboard.
  • Analytics only displays class activity recorded for users in the roster who are logged in during their visit.

With that said, if you suspect that you're seeing "no data" messages where you should be seeing data, please reach out to us via the Help Menu. Occasionally, unexpected "no data" messages can be symptoms of other problems with your Analytics dashboard that we can help you fix.