Why didn't some of my Class Badges copy into my new class?



Why didn't all of my Class Badges copy to the new class? I know I had more!




Your domain administrator decides which Organizational Badges are available to which Organizations, and whether or not the use of PowerSchool Learning and Personal Badges are allowed in your domain. 

If you try to Save As a Class to an Organization that is not allowed access to Organizational Badges contained in that Class, then thoseBadges will not carry over into the new Class

Likewise, if a Class that contains Personal Badges or PowerSchool Learning Badges has been Shared with you via the Share Link, but your PowerSchool Learning domain does not allow the use of Personal or PowerSchool Learning Badges, you will not be able to see or use them in your Class. 

What are my options?

If you are using the Save As tool, you can adjust the Organization into which you are copying your Class to one that allows for the Organizational Badges. 

If you want to use PowerSchool Learning or Personal Badges, you will need to contact an administrator. 

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