How do I create a badge for my students using Credly?




Creating your own badge through Credly allows you to personalize student recognition in your class. You can create a new Badge in PowerSchool Learning through the Class Badges area of the Manage Class menu.

Please Note: The Credly badge creator is not compatible with Internet Explorer, and will not be available for Teachers using IE at this time.

To create a badge

1. Go to Manage Class and select Edit Badges.


2. Select Add Badge, then My Badges and Create Badge.


3. Add a title and additional details to describe your badge, then click Save.


4. Choose how you would like to create you badge, Upload Badge Image or Build Your Badge with Credly. Using Credly you can create your own badge using custom shapes, text, images and more! Once you have created your badge, click Save and Continue.

Have fun with it, get creative! When you create a badge using the Credly integration, your badge will sync up with your account. If you don't have a Credly account, you will still be able to create a badge. Building a Credly account will allow the badge created in PowerSchool Learning to sync with Credly accounts.


***Note if you are using Internet Explorer, the Credly badge creator is not compatible with Internet Explorer, and will not be available.

5. Back at the My Badges screen, select Add after your new badge to officially add it to your class, and start awarding it to Students!



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