How do I connect my PowerSchool Learning account to my Credly account?



How do I connect my PowerSchool Learning account to my Credly account?




You can connect your account to your Credly account by adding your credentials to the Badgesarea of your account. To access the Badges area, select My Settings from the My Account menu in the upper right corner of your account. Once your accounts are connected, any badges you create using Credly inside of PowerSchool Learning, as well as badges you award to others, will also be added to your Credly account. Neat, huh?

Please note: If your school uses the School and District Edition of PowerSchool Learning, a domain administrator may need to enable this option for you. Not sure what Credly is? Find out more.


Connect to your Credly account

To add your Credly authentication details to your account, select the Badges tab from the my settings menu.


Select the My Badges menu, then the pink Credly icon in the upper right hand corner of your screen, next to the Add Badge button. 


Next, just add either your Credly Username and Credly Password or your Auth token, then hit Save. That's all there is to it!



Looking for more information about Badging in Haiku? Find out how to Create a Badge using Credly, and Award Badges to your Students!

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