How can I view my student's Profile and Badges?



How can I view my student's Profile and Badges?




Each student has a Profile page, on which their Badges will display. There are a few different ways to navigate to your student's Profile. However, please note that a Domain Administrator must allow Parents to view their students' Profiles before you will be able to see your students' Profile. If you cannot access your student's Profile in the directions outlined here, you will need to contact your school for assistance. 

The simplest way to find your student's Profile is to go to If you are logged in and have permission to view, this will navigate you directly to your student's profile page. 

You can also find your student's Profile through the Navbar, if it is turned on for your domain.  To find your student's Profile through the interface:

  1. Click on the People option in the Navbar at the bottom of your page.


  2. Under "My Children," choose the student whose Profile you would like to view.

  3. Click on the link to his or her Profile.

  4. See your student's Profile and any Badges awarded to him or her grouped by recency, year, or class.


That's how you can see your child's Profile and Badges!