Can My Users Sign in to PowerSchool Learning Using Their School Usernames & Passwords?

Q: Can my users sign in to PowerSchool Learning using their school usernames & passwords?


A: In short, yes, there are several ways that you can enable students to use their existing usernames & passwords to sign in to PowerSchool Learning.


Importing Passwords

If you're importing your user's accounts into PowerSchool Learning you can include student's usernames & passwords as part of the import process (either via the API or CSV import). If you're importing users' permanent password be sure the "Imported passwords are temporary" option is not tuned on for your domain (to check this setting sign in to the Domain Control Center, under Manage Domain click Settings, then visit the Users tab). If your imports are generated by a Student Information System (SIS) & a user changes their password in the SIS, their PowerSchool Learning password will be updated appropriately the next time the Domain Import is run.


Plug & Play Authentication

PowerSchool Learning can easily communicate with several types of authentication servers. If your school is using one of these systems simply provide us with a few pieces of basic information (e.g. a hostname, port number, or API key), then PowerSchool Learning will be able to sign users in using whichever username and password is stored on your server. We currently support the following Plug & Play Authentication types:


  • LDAP or LDAPS (Active Directory uses this)
  • Veracross SIS
  • Senior Systems

If a user's password is changed on your authentication server, the user will immediately be able to use the new password sign in to PowerSchool Learning. Contact our support team to let us know which Plug & Play integration you'd like to use and we'll work with you to get things up and running.


PowerSchool Learning Custom Federated Login

If don't use one of the Plug & Play options you can still take advantage of our custom Federated Login approach. In this case, when a user enters their username & password to sign in to PowerSchool Learning, our servers will make a request to the your school's servers to check whether the given password is correct. If a user's password is changed on your servers, the user will immediately be able to use the new password to sign in to PowerSchool Learning.


Please visit our API Documentation page to learn more about creating the Custom Federated Login web service required for this type of integration.


Single Sign-on (SSO)

SSO is a technique that allows users to sign in once & gain access to multiple services. For example, if you have a school portal or dashboard that users sign on to on a regular basis, SSO would allow them to jump from their school portal to PowerSchool Learning without having to enter their username & password again. SSO can be used in combination with any of the techniques listed above. While PowerSchool Learning currently doesn't offer true SSO we do offer custom integrations to provide the convenience of SSO. Please contact our support team if you're interested in learning more.

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