What is the black checkmark next to my answers in my Assessment?

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When I tam taking an Assessment, a black checkmark shows up next to my completed answers. What does it mean?


A black check mark next to an assessment question indicates that PowerSchool Learning has received your response and that your answer has been saved. 


NOTE: Black checkmarks appear next to submitted answers on the Exam assessment-type only.  


What should I do if I don't see a black checkmark appear?


If you do not see a black checkmark after hitting OK or I'll come back later, your answer has not been saved.  Please try again and alert your teacher or an IT administrator if the checkmarks continue to not appear, prior to closing your Assessment.  Typically, if your answers are not being submitted, this is indicative of a failed internet connection or an overwhelmed wireless access point.  


What will I see when I take my Assessment? 


1) Find the Assessment that you want to take from the list of Assessments listed under the Assess tab, and select the Assessment's Name.




2) A box with instructions will pop up.  When you are ready, go ahead and Start This Exam.  Remember, if there is a time limit associated with your assessment, the timer starts as soon as you hit Start this Exam.  You are welcome to save your answers using the OK button and exit the exam at any time, but the timer will keep running.  




3) When you are finished with an answer, or would like to save your changes, click OK  or I'll come back later.   You can always adjust submitted answers and hit OK again, and you will be reminded at the end of the assessment to review any questions you have flagged as I'll come back later.  




4) After you subit each of your answers, a black check mark will show up next to the question, indicating that PowerSchool Learning has received and saved your response. If you do not see the check marks, you may be having issues with your internet connection and your answers will not be saved with PowerSchool Learning.  If this happens, check your internet connection or contact your teacher/network administrator.  




5) Once you have finished you can choose the I'm Finished button. If there is only one try at the assessment you will not be able to change any of the answers once you have clicked the I'm Finished button. There will be a pop up asking you if you are sure. 




6) Then you will have finished your Assessment! As easy as taking a test! Good luck!