Matching Questions - How do I switch between Menu Mode and Drag and Drop?


How do I switch between Drag and Drop and Menu modes for matching in Assessments? What is Menu mode, anyway?


For Matching questions within Assessments, students have two choices--modes--in how answers can be displayed and selected: Drag and Drop or Menu Mode.

The PowerSchool Learning default is Drag and Drop, which looks like this:


In this case, students can drag the answers into the corresponding answer squares.


For some users and browsers, drag and drop may not be optimal. PowerSchool Learning has an alternative, Menu mode, that students can use instead. To switch to menu mode click on the orange "menu mode" link as demonstrated in the image below:




Menu mode is where students can select an answer off of a drop down menu. 
Menu mode looks like this:




You can always switch back and forth between modes as needed.